Mphowabadimo causing a stir on twitter after posting a picture with a masked male

Mphowabadimo was a contestant in Big Brother Mzansi who went all the way to become a winner of Big Brother Mzansi season 3.

Mphowabadimo posted a picture on social media wearing a mask, alongside with an other male, which people on twitter suspected that it is Themba Mabaso.


Themba Mabaso was also a contestant in one of the biggest reality show in South Africa, known as Big Brother Mzansi. He is known for being a tattoo artist.

The two pair has been spending more time together on social media, which it is the other reason that people on social media believes that the masked male is Themba Mabaso.

Here’s is how people on social media reacted after seeing this picture above.