MphoWaBadimo bids her fans farewell as she returns back to her spiritual work for a while

Mphowabadimo is the first solo female winner of Big Brother Mzansi. But before any of that, she is a sangoma and a certified doctor. Her spirituality is something she isn’t afraid to be honest about. She made it clear that her ability to do all she has done has been through spiritual permission.





It seems though that the “visa” has since expired.

Mpho hosts #WabadimoMondays where she talks to her fans and interacts with her. Answering questions and giving advice like an older sister. She also releases YouTube content on that particular day of the week. It’s a great way to keep fans going and quite ingenious of the winner.

However, she might have given her fans the bluest Monday when she announced she would be taking a break. She took to her Twitter account after her space and wrote, “Being the Gift of the Gods comes with great sacrifices. I don’t live just for myself but fulfilling my life’s purpose. I appreciate you family & this is not goodbye but il definitely see you later. A new chapter awaits me. I am MPHOWABADIMO THE ADVOCATE OF IDLOZI🌊💛🕯✨. ”

Social Media Response

Of course her fans, the Underground Gang, were very upset but the understood.

One viewer wrote, “Am weeping then again am ready for this new chapter I always kept it in the back of my head just did not expect it this soon ,see you on YouTube Gogo . Thokozani my family UG #WABADIMOMONDAYS we will navigate this. We are warriors.”

While another user wrote, “Was bound to sooner,Fave. We love and we will surely wait until you come back. Love you lots ❤️🙏”

Of course this doesn’t mean Mpho will be disappearing forever, but her spiritual obligations are important as much as anything. She has to prioritize her ancestors and honour the work she was called to to. But I have to say as a BBMzansi fan I will miss her content.

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