Mpho sends a heartfelt birthday message to her boyfriend Themba

Themba is now a grown man

Mpho has taken it to social media to wish her boyfriend Themba a happy birthday. The couple has been dating for 5 months now and they are together. Mpho refers Themba as her brother even though they dating because he has a soft spot for him. I think she should just feel free because Themba loves her and she makes her happy always. Themba is going to be very happy to her a birthday message from his girlfriend and fans as well.



Themba received many R10s from the fans for his birthday and he was very excited. Mpho has not showed what she has done for Themba on his birthday. I think she will do something very big because she is a millionaire and she loves Themba a lot. Themba bought her a cake and flowers on her birthday. Will Dj Tira also buy him a gift? Since they worked hard together and made many songs together. Let us hope that those who are close to him will make his day special and buy him a cake. Themba was also seen giving young children many gift bags as a way to celebrate his birthday today. Happy birthday to Themba.

They are always trending on social media, it could be their outfits, work, music, deals or their relationship that is trending. Mzansi loves them for always staying true to themselves and making their dreams come true. Themba has a lot to be grateful for, his life has changed for the better and he loves every bit of it. His fans will definitely be competing on who will buy the best gift for him. He deserves all the good things because he is a good person and he cares a lot about other people.