Mpande Zulus Death leaves The Wife fans heartbroken

Fans of the popular TV show, The Wife that airs on Showmax are still finding it hard to believe that one of their favourite character is no more.

His appearance on The Wife made people to like him more and they were very fond of him. They even gave him a nickname of which they called him “I slay queen sebutho” which means a slay queen warrio

r. This was due to his looks, dressing and the way he conducts himself.

The fans of The Wife were very saddened when their favourite character was killed on the show as they know that his death means the end of the road for this actor.

Most often in stories, when a favourite character is killed, fans who were fond of that character gets very saddened and disappointed that they won’t see them anymore on the story.

Well it is a similar case to what has happened in The Wife It was such a sad moment and still even now when the show plays on TV and Mpande Zulu is no longer part of it.

Mpande, which is a role played by Ishmael Shongo, who made fame with his character of Sbonelo on Rhythm City, died after being attacked by their counter rivalries.

He was part of the Zulu brothers.

Shongo, confirmed that his character of Mpande has ended on this popular series, The Wife.

The 29- years- old actor who graduated at AFDA and hails from Tembisa said that he actually auditioned for the other role and he was surprised when he was told to audition for the role of Mpande.

He showed that his journey on playing the role of Mpande was challenging since he born and raised in Johannesburg so tapping into that deep kind of Zulu character was difficult. Luckily, he is a gifted actor and that meant he had to do a research.

Mpande was shot death by his family rivals , also in the taxi business. He became a fan favourite so his death crushed the fans of The Wife.