Mother to be Natasha Thahane shares more of her baby bump.

Celebrities are human too but their fans hold them in high regard so much that they think they are perfect. This leads to celebrities having to hide a part of their lives because of what people will say. Which is not a way to live but the only way for peace of mind.


Natasha Thahane is an actress and businesswoman. She’s known for her whole on Blood & water, The Queen and Skeem Saam. She dropped a bomb days back when she posted a picture of herself pregnant. Many fans didn’t see it coming. Before she took a break from social media, she was dating Lorch. Which her fans have concluded he is the father.

She has since shared more snaps of her baby bump. She shared a video of herself playing a piano for her child. The pump is very visible. She also shared another one where she’s getting her makeup done with the pump showing and very big.