Mother of Thando calls Siyacela a Whale

Thando’s mother can see it through Siyacela

Thando’s mother can see how Siyacela has been treating Thando since she had a baby, and she is not happy at all. Thando’s mother says Siyacela does not support Thando because it gets difficult for her to do some of the things.

Thando’s mother ended up calling Siyacela a whale because of his behavior. Siyacela needs to be the man he thinks he is, for the sake of his family. Thando and her baby will looking up to him, he needs to be a better husband.



Thando’s mother helped her daughter with her newborn, viewers were happy. Viewers were happy because they felt like Thando needed someone close to her.

Thando’s mother needs to check her daughter regularly since Dlamuka is no longer there. They cannot trust Siyacela at all. Siyacela must change his ways towards the elders because it is mot good at all.