Mother Left Mzansi Not Impressed After She Did This To Her Daughter-In-law In #MakotiAreYouTheOne

|Mother-In-law Left Mzansi Not Impressed After She Did This To Her Daughter-In-law In #MakotiAreYouTheOne

Source: Hashtag #MakotiAreYouTheOne Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode


Mzansi were left other mixes reactions after seeing this woman is seen competing with her son’s girlfriend. The mother in-laws from #MakotiAreYouTheOne never received the kind of love their sons give to their partners. They got divorced from their own husbands and now they replace them with their sons, they see them sons as “husband figures”… That’s why they get jealous.

Sipho’s family is toxic the aunt is evil you can’t expect makoti to be a superhero if She serves you scones at 5:30 pm. Also she’s fully capable of going to the kitchen and making food for herself and then she asks for ‘receipt’ scones.

Mzansi have also show shoemaker reactions to Lorna’s sister. Everyone is concerned Sipho like he’s not old enough to make his own decisions. After Sipho has impregnated Lorna, she now has got the guts to say her brother is not ready this family. Sipho’s baby mama has a problem with the child visiting because Sipho’s family is evil.

Now Lorna has taken her time and took her out, now she complains saying she doesn’t like nails. Lorna should stop trying with Sipho’s mom beacause she is always unimpressed she is never happy she must just leave her and her house.

I wish MaZulu can just leave Nhlanhla he doesn’t have a backbone. This is too much she can’t wash the whole family’s blankets and clothes as if they don’t have hands this it is abuse.

Mzansi Is Left disappointed in Nhlanhla, the enemy that is his mom and grandmother have won. Mzansi has been feeling sorry for Ntombi, she endured so much emotional abuse. Her boyfriend is still In love with his ex girlfriend but he still brings her to the show. Viewers of #MakotiAreYouTheOne has been encouraging Nyombi to leave him because the family hates her and for her partner is telling her that’s he’s inlove with someone else and his family likes her.Zz