Mother-in-laws Recently Left People Talking In #MakotiAreYouTheOne After This Was Spotted

Mother-in-laws Recently Left People Talking In #MakotiAreYouTheOne After This Was Spotted

Source: Hashtag #MakotiAreYouTheOne twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

The wickedness, the hate and the resentment in this show, you’d swear that the devil himself is also part of the cast. Women are too judgemental to other women. We have seen in many cases such as #Mamazala and others. Daughter-in-law have to prove themselves that they want marriage to their mother-in-laws.

This mothers will not like their Makoti when theirs daughters are treated the same way they are treating this ladies. Black women are so used to struggle love that when a black man loves his woman. If you want to get married make sure you have your own Money and you dont stay at your inlaws.


I feel sorry for Lorna, this family is so uptight, unwelcoming and judgemental. Obama’s mom says horrible things about Lorna in her confessionals but acts all nice with her. Obama’s mother is cruel and she’s bitter. The family is judgemental, they act Holly.

This granny be calling Nhlanhla’s girlfriend a reject that means her daughter as well is a reject because she’s not married either, also not together with Nhlanhlas father. So because she has a child Mamazala doesn’t want her to be the Makoti. She wishes her son can get another woman bit he’s okay with his choice. A whole mother says that imagine. Those words are painful especially coming from woman. Calling someone reject because she has a child.

Viewers is so annoyed with these girls the way they are disrespecting uGcinga. Gcina’s sutuation rrally makes me nervous. This is what happens when you try to mingle with younger females in the family they end up think yall are friends. Fans also hate Obama’s sister after they force his wife to go pray with them in mountain.

Someone once told me that getting married to the guy who has sisters is not cool because they gang up on you with the mother in law. I guess this show is a proof enough.