Most Captivating Short Faux Locs hairstyle 2020

If you want a contemporary style that protects your tresses, give short faux locs a go. Unlike true locs, these extensions require no long-term commitment and can be worn by any hair type. Dreads are often associated with long lengths, but they are gorgeous in cropped forms too. Read on to learn more about this trending look.

Faux Locs Long Bob

Shoulder-length strands can be unruly if you have curly or kinky hair. This design offers a worry-free solution. Locs streamline your look, preventing triangle head and flyaways. Wrapping a section or two with a bright string is a fantastic way to customize.

Micro Faux Locs

Small short faux locs offer a delicate, feminine look. This variation works well on fine or low density manes. The tiny twines move and flow like loose hair. The deep blue hue is unusual, appealing, and modern.


Layered Faux Dreadlocks

For a loc style with some volume, build a layered shape by combining different lengths. The ends will stack up, constructing height. Boost lift further by flipping your mop to the side opposite to your natural part. Dress it up with accent pieces of golden wire.

Faux Undercut Locs

Using cornrows, it’s easy to make close-fitting areas that create the illusion of an undercut – a long top with shaved sides. The effect is bold and fashionable, especially with jewel tone accents. Achieve it with a mixture of twining and covering or use premade attachments.

Side Parted Short Locs

If you want to get a short faux locs hair look fast, the crochet method offers the perfect solution. It involves attaching pre-made dreads with a crochet hook to small sections of your natural hair.

Wavy Mid-Length Locs

Crochet hair locs come in a variety of textures from sleek and straight to tightly coiled and wavy. This style uses soft waves, for a pretty, laid back finish. Making locs gives you complete control over length, color, and shape, and ensures consistent strand size.

Silvery Faux Dreadlocks

Giving faux locs a bold color requires no bleaching or toning. Instead you can simply encase your natural hair with yarn or synthetic strips in your shade of choice. Using a bright hue like silver or electric blue over dark roots provides a trendy grunge vibe.

Coiled Faux Locs

Short faux locs hairstyles don’t have to be straight. Curled ends are achieved by attaching (braiding in) curly pieces of synthetic hair to the roots of your natural hair. Then, each piece is partially covered up, leaving a few inches of loose synthetic ringlets at the tips.

Thick Highlighted Locks

A rebellion dreadlocks look with a conservative color and manageable length is a go to for active girls who want to express themselves while not going overboard because it’s important for their lifestyles.

Side-Parted Chocolate Locs

The choice to enclose sections with marley hair allows you to achieve complete coverage and enjoy a feminine look with shiny sleek locs. A neat side part and dark color provide an understated vibe.

Faux Locs Buns

Modern short faux locs styles include a variety of simple and fun half updos. The neat coils are easy to clip and pin. Here, the top is twisted into a pair of playful buns. Thinner locks are easier manage, so if you like a variety in hairstyles, go for slim locs like these.