Mosebjadi Will Win The Case Against Paxton A certain Pax Kgomo, who recently joined the cast of Skeem Saam during theThose seeing him could believe he’s been effective for seemingly forever.We do not currently have sufficient evidence to determine whether Skeem Saam’s writing style has been modernized.Like most South African dramas, informative auditorium has become dull and bland.

It would appear that the writers are eliminating the one aspect that initially attracted viewers.Skeem Saam, in contrast to shows like The River and Uzalo, which tend to be pessimistic and don’t teach much about life, gave viewers hope and provided a lot of examples to learn from.However, it may appear that things are shifting.

Since getting involved in the drama, Pax Kgomo has had little trouble.He planned the evil act that temporarily blinded Meneer Magongwa.


However, he was still able to get away with it, which resulted in Thobakgale’s removal from her position as headmaster at Turf High School.He has now taken Mosebjadi’s short story, written his own ending, and won a contest for short stories.

Mosebjadi is poor and intended to make this tournament her life and future.Pax, on the other hand, is the focus of attention right now and the winner of the R10,000 grand prize.

We can’t take it any longer, so when will this Pax Kgomo show end?The original Skeem Saam is missed.

Film actor Paxton Kgomo Thabiso Molokomme rose to fame as the character Paxton Kgomo in the educational drama Skeem Saam for SABC 1.In Turfloo, he is causing quite a stir, but he is not at all like the character he plays in real life.When Molokomme finished his Diploma in Operations Management when he was just twenty years old, he received a total of twenty distinctions.This has prompted his being both an exceptionally youthful and extremely effective understudy at his college.

Yo left later.Thabiso Molokomme began working for Skeem Saam at the start of this year as a television host.He stated that his faith was the driving force behind his life’s choices when he made the decision to join the SABC one soapie.