More Drama|Laconco has got herself in trouble after saying this, see details


Laconco is one of took because that toorealityse part in the reality show Real house of Durban, that was aired on Showmax this year and this show has attracted the attention of many people, because it has been loved by many South Africans who likes to learn about man activities happening in the country.

But a huge revelation has happened we’re many people discovered that Laconco was telling lies about her boyfriend Petal, where she claimed that the guy is so rich and she owns businesses successful business, in Durban and this has drawn a huge attention from many who liked to know better about this whole issue.



But now she is starting to admit that Petal is not rich as she said and those were just a way of impressing people and making a name for herself, but she did admits that Petal is her friend and he is around Durvan where she brings followers to her as a way of spoiling her so that they can enjoy their friendship.

But viewers are not happy about this because they started to ask her difficult questions on Twitter so that they can express, their concerns as a way that can they can show their disappointment on her after telling all lies on the public, and it can also affect her career as well, because they might brand who wanted to use their her popularity, to promote their brand so that she can influence her follower’s about this issue brands.