More drama|Babeile catches Lewatle with Paxton on Skeem Saam

A good moment has ended in a hectic way after Babeile has found his daughter with a troublesome boy, who has been causing a lot of drama in the community of Turfloop, which has caused a lot of sadness for many families who hate the bullying that Paxton was making at school.




It has been a hectic week for Lewatla because principal Thobakgale has called her to her office together with her father so that she can reveal, the drama that he was causing in the last week after stealing from her father can impress her boyfriend that looked more dangerous to her.

It looks like the situation is getting tougher on Turfloop high and next week Babeile will be expressing his concerns about this relationship, that has been happening, and he has been warning this girl for a long and it might end in tears for her.