“Money to pay employees went to Mihlali, Thuli and Minnie” says Karabo

Edwin Sodi’s name has been getting media attention for years. But, since Tuesday of this week, when gossip sharer Musa Khawula claimed that he and media personality Minnie Dlamini were having an affair while she was married to Quinton Jones, many people have taken a special interest in him.

While social media was shocked by a list of celebrities allegedly romantically linked to Edwin Sodi, City Press spoke with two of the women who dated the controversial businessman. The two shared their thoughts on what drew them to him. But the grass is not all green, as it was again reported on social media that Mr Sodi is not paying his employees on time.

“Edwin Sodi is pulling all the women, but his company, Base Property Group, is failing to pay salaries.” “Employees were asked to expect delays in payment from April 30th, 2022 to May 13th, 2022,” says Musa Khawula.

In reply, a man whose name is Katlego said that “Money to pay employees went to Mihlali, Thuli, and Minnie.”





Below are the comments from people on Twitter.

You forgot to mention that the HR lady that signed this letter is Trinity Ncala, who is Kat Ncala’s mother. Edwin met Kat while she was visiting her mother at the Base Prop. Group offices a couple of years ago, allegedly.

If you are subordinate to Kuku, then you are a very troubled person and it will catch up to you sooner or later. Life is quite a long journey, and some things can’t be taken back. He has a lot on his plate. Some employees do better jobs than others.

There are bedroom employees and then there are boardroom employees. The hunks in the bedroom want Gucci, cars, and vacations. Others can go and claim UIF.