“Money Is Completely Refusing to Bath Mamkhize”

Being a celebrity is difficult because your life is constantly under scrutiny, and you have to act like you don’t care about things like nonsense in order to conform to norms and come off as mature. The abuse, disdain, and criticism that celebrities face on social media is well-documented. Every time they respond to being provoked, they are labeled as a bad person. Especially on Twitter, the kind of bullying and disrespect that celebrities go through on Twitter is out of this world.

Just recently, the black Twitter president was trending after he was accused of being a bully on the social media platform. In yesterday’s episode, he humiliated the well-known Mamkhize. He shared a photo of her in which she looked less than her best, captioning it, ” “No amount of cash will allow Mamkhize to take a shower. You’d think she was a vag shop owner.” After this, Mamkhize became a punchline. Some of her most devoted supporters, though, attempted to speak up on her behalf.

Mamkhize can no longer take the constant stream of abuse and threats she receives on social media, particularly Twitter. It seems like everyone has something bad to say about Mamkhize and her son. Someone once claimed that the solidarity of black Twitter users in their criticism of Mamkhize proves that black people only come together when they have someone to tear down. Neither Mamkhize nor her kid go a week without receiving hateful tweets. It’s as though the fact that she’s wealthy makes people resentful of her.





Chris, on the other hand, has always been an aggressive person. He has a long history of harassing famous people. That is why some people were accusing him of Patric Shia’s death because he was one of the people who were throwing bad comments at him a few days before he passed away. He abused his status and sought to grow it by intimidating others. Cyberbullying takes on grave proportions when it occurs on social networking sites. The cruel comments of others on social media have driven some people to take their own lives.

Source: https://twitter.com/ChrisExcel102/status/1573955057430761472?s=20&t=ycFFa9Gg-NQ9jZ1fTJc0ug