Monde proves that he is still dating Gogo Skhotheni in a new recent photo he shared

They are still going strong

After their reality show on Moja Love, Monde was very doubtful that he will be share his wife with another man. Yesterday he posted a beautiful picture with his wife and they looked very beautiful. Monde loves Gogo Skhotheni and no one will stand on his way.


His happiness is with her and she feels the same way. It is beautiful to see young people loving one another like this. Fans also commented on their picture by showing them more love, even Dj Sbu. I think they need to come back with a season 2 of their reality show, because fans still have many questions about their relationship.

Gogo Skhotheni needs to remain with Monde because they look good when they are just 2. No need for another husband to be added. Monde has a beautiful woman who loves him just the way he loves her.