‘Monate Mpolaye’ Hit Maker DJ Sumbody Shot Dead On his Way To ‘Monate’

The level of crime in South Africa is so high to an extent that people’s lives are always on the line, there are criminals who are always waiting and ready pounce on unsuspecting victims to make commit crime, in most cases if not some, the criminals happens to be carrying guns which they use to take away someone’s precious life, since they don’t really care, the only things they want to do is to make sure that they kill a certain person because of their greed, unfortunately the South African entertainment indurstry has suffered a major blow as one of the popular entertainers was reported shot dead.

Reports emerging suggests that a popular DJ known as DJ Sumbody was shot and killed in the early hours of Sunday morning, it is reported that he was gunned down in Woodmead South of Johannesburg in Gauteng together with his body guards, it is not yet reports what the commotion was all about.




“Dj Sumbody has Passed on, sources Say he was heading to play somewhere from newscafe woodmead. The Hit Maker of Monate mpolaye, Suka emabhozeni, Iyamemeza and Azul also the owner of Ayepyep was shot together with His driver,” reports suggests.

His recording company has also confirmed the passing after they released a statement on Sunday morning confirming that Oupa John Sefako has indeed passed away, however they did not disclose the full details surrounding the passing of one of their artist, they mentioned that the family is asking for privacy as they mourn and prepare to lay their loved one to rest.

There are so many guns out there in this country and unfortunately most of the are used for criminal activities, they end up killing people and if you get to the bottom of it, you find that a person was killed for a cellphone which they could have just taken and left the person.