Mome Mahlangu on her husband’s spiritual journey

Mome Mahlangu has taken to her social media to reveal that she and her family have embarked on a new spiritual journey

In the early hours of today, the star stated that her husband, Mo had accepted the calling a few months ago..

“A few months back we welcomed home Mahambahlega (meaning you make people laugh). Drums rolled all night in the middle of our estate in Sandton after six months of spiritual journey and healing,” she wrote.

Mome says she and her family tried to run away from it for many years but here they are.

“We tried to run from it for years until they came … One of the most hectic journeys to travel with strangers for you to live. I believe in every family there is Sekwama, but your calling is not a conference call, it’s your calling and it will keep calling you.”

Responding to well known sangoma, Gogo Dineo, Mome recalled a time when she had mentioned their ancestral calling in a conversation.

“I think you said many years back but we believe when we are in it.”

The reality TV star said that while on this newfound spiritual journey, she and her family prayed to both ancestors and to God.