Mnakwethu: Viewers notice wife looks like former Uzalo actress Nelisa Mchunu

Mnakwethu is Musa Mseleku’s second reality show. He goes around the country helping cheating men reveal what they’re doing and also ask for polygamy from their wives. It was what transpired this week as well as more drama as the episode ended.

However viewers couldn’t help but spot similarities

The wife this week was a fed up woman on the verge of seemingly losing her mind. She had been humiliated and cheated on by her partner for a very long time and it caused her to… well have a full on rage-fuelled tantrum on national TV. It was well deserved for Siya who is likely one of the most hated men in SA right now.





However, amidst all this drama people were able to notice that this fiery bride looked eerily familiar. They believed Heidi, looked like Nelisa Mchunu and they were correct. The resemblance was truly uncanny. To a lesser degree, they noticed that the very young girlfriend looked like Simmy! I mean just look at the picture below! Its actually amazing.

One viewer posed this theory and from the early three thousand likes, people agreed.

He wrote, “Is it just me or does Heidi look like Bazothini from Isifiso?🤔🧐 #Mnakwethu”

One person responded and wrote, “She does and the 2nd wife looks like Simmy”

A final user posted images of Simmy and Nelisa and simply wrote, “I can’t be alone 🤔 #Mnakwethu”