Mnakwethu: Viewers excited as wife stands firm against her husbands mistress joining her family

Mnakwethu is a show hosted by Musa Mseleku who is a polygamist himself. This is probably why he hosts the show, to spread his polygamy agenda. The Tell All part one has aired and it seems like Tryphina, from the first episode of the season, is still making viewers proud.

When faced with polygamy, she reiterated her thoughts on it.

Tryphina Shamase was up against a rock and a hard place this evening. She was seated next to her quiet husband and a host determined to humble her, but she stuck to her guns.

Something she said in the midst of her defense stood out to everyone. She said that sleeping with a married man is like driving a company car and believing it is yours, no matter how long you drive it for.

The analogy was spot on and people were cheering her on the entire time. She is someone who has proven to have a backbone. She even made a point about MaChiliza going back to school to study first instead of depending on her husband for income.

People flocked to Twitter to show their love for her and her resilience.




One user wrote, “Mara Mrs Shamase has always been our fighter since the 1st episode and she proving to be one! The best…my absolute fave!🔥#Mnakwethu”

While another user wrote, “If “I will stand my ground” was a person 💯#Mnakwethu”

One user wrote, “I love a woman for stand firm to what she believes in💫 Mam Shamase for president👏 #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “Dating a married man is like driving a company car; it will never be yours” — Mrs Shamase. This woman’s tongue is like a Gillette razor ❤️#Mnakwethu ”

Usually on this show, the women slowly accept the polygamy but she had proven that there is no need to back down. I hope the other women follow her example on this, to not accept something they do not want.

Thank you for your time!