Mnakwethu: Tryphina rages at her husbands mistress and impresses viewers

Mnakwethu is a show on Mzansi Magic that is hosted by popular polygamist Musa Mseleku. His intentions are to help men expose their cheating and further ask their shocked wives to accept that same woman as a second wife. It’s a bizarre concept and rarely goes right

This week we met a fiery woman who stood up for herself.

I have to preface this with saying that the women on Mnakwethu are usually quite meek. They accept the imposition put to them and try to make a way. This week Tryphina did what we wish all wives would do. She stood up for her household. Her husband Siyabonga Shamase, was as quiet as ever as she reacted to this shocking news.




Tryphina was immediately put off, asking the right questions about her husbands ability to afford polygamy. Once the mistress was introduced she was disrespected but she didnt take it! She was literally spitting fire and it was quite a unique change. It was a perfectly normal way to react to a blindside.

Social Media Response

One viewer proudly wrote, “#Mnakwethu 😁♥️Lioness! I like how she stands up for her self and stands her ground!”

While another wrote, “I love Mrs shamase she is telling nothing but the the truth and the other lady is rude and disrespectful #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “I don’t condone violence in anyway but the baby mama’s conduct didn’t help the situation at all. The wife was right to call her cheap. The guy is a specialist in cheating. Hiding makhwapheni’s (mistresses) for 8 years #Mnakwethu”

This is one of the few cases that I wasn’t disappointed by. It is important to me that women know they have a choice and Tryphina chose to be strong. I just hope this ends well for her