Mnakwethu: “They could be sisters” Viewers noticed the wife looks like her husband’s mistress

Mnakwethu is a pro-polygamy show on Mzansi Magic. Of course the people called in to the show are unsuspecting women who believe they’ve been brought in for something else. It’s often quite cruel and finding something else to focus on is refreshing.

This week viewers noticed the women both look alike.

Mseleku was called in this week to help a man introduce a second woman into his marriage as per usual. What wasn’t usual was the way the women looked. Usually on the show men will have a varied taste in the women they chose. One will look quite distinct from the other and it won’t be obvious what his “type” is.

This week it was quite obvious that he was looking for his wife in a different form and I’m not quite sure it is better. It made less sense than normal, and to me, would be quite insulting. You have one version at home and you want to bring someone similar in? It’s strange and off putting




Social Media Response

There were many people who noticed this discrepancy.

One user wrote, “#Mnakwethu This lady is just the younger version of his wife”

While abotber user wrote, “These ladies could be sisters. Guy definitely has a type. #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “These women look the same. I guess Xaba has a type. #Mnakwethu”

Personal Thoughts

I guess it was quite clear that this man has a type. But both these women deserve so much better. I just refuse to believe that this is the best that they can both do in terms of a life partner. Xaba has proven to be a liar by hiding this from his wife for so long, it wouldn’t be smart to continue any kind of relationship with him.