Mnakwethu: Musa Mseleku’s left speechless as a fed up wife reveals the truth about her husband.

Mnakwethu is a show on Mzansi Magic that is about popular polygamist, Musa Mseleku, helping cheating men introduce their partners to their wives. There is no way to truly sugar coat the premise of this show as time and time again, that is what we witness.

This week it was Mseleku’s turn to be shocked.

The episode started off normal enough, just another man on a quest to make his cheating official. The chaos ensued once his wife, Heidi, kicked out Mseleku then proceeded to show him evidence in the form of nude images of other women. She alleged her husband was a serial cheater and she wanted no parts of any polygamy plot.

It was shocking say the least and for once, the opinionated host had nothing snarky to add. The truth was revealed and it seemed to me, that some research needed to be conducted first. I can’t imagine putting up with a cheater only to be given a surprise visit when he decides he wants to settle down.




Viewers were excited about this turn of events and the bravery it took for the wife to stand up for herself. She was clearly tired.

One viewer wrote, “At first you would have thought that this girl is crazy kanti no, usisi is fed up shame, Siya made her like this, she is absolutely fed up and she can never be healed except taking her bags and leave this relationship […] #Mnakwethu”

While another viewer wrote, “This lady should take her kids and leave this childish guy […] after all the files this lady gave Mseleku i understand why she get mad like that, Siya will get sick and Yolanda will get hurt so bad by this guy #Mnakwethu”

One viewer wrote, “The wife’s reaction is exactly how I would react soon as Mseleku walked in🤞🏽💯 #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “Even Mseleku the ambassador of polygamy was deafeted #Mnakwethu”

This episode was truly disgusting. I went from being apprehensive to truly marveling at how one man can act so shamelessly and bring TV into his cheating. I hope his wife leaves him.