Mnakwethu: Musa Mseleku kneels as he begs a sangoma to accept a second wife

Musa Mseleku, if you are unaware, is the host of Mnakwethu, a show that introduces the idea of polygamy to women. What makes him a reliable host? He is a polygamist whose mission is to make sure that men know and accept polygamy.

He riles up South Africans all the time but this week they were shook!

A man called Nicky Sibanda was on the show this week to ask for polygamy from his wife simply because he wanted it. It was the most honest answer we’ve had on the show. He is a spiritual person and so are both of his wives, which made for a sticky situation.

However, what got people talking was how far Musa would go in order to push the polygamy angle. He went as far as to kneel before the first wife (alongside the second wife and husband) and beg her to consider their request. It was quite bold and got people talking.




People took to social media to share their opinions about this act.

One user wrote, “Mseleku would do anything to help a cheating husband 😂😂😂😂He can even kneel #Mnakwethu”

While another user wrote, “#Mnakwethu Baba Mseleku is a millionaire but still kneel down to people. That’s a huuuu shem”

One user wrote, “Yes, girl! Have them on their knees!!! 🔥🤣#Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “They are down on their knees infront of Gogo 😩 #Mnakwethu”

I think it was bizarre tone Musa Mseleku struggling to get on his knees in front of a woman in order to do this. How far is he truly willing to go with this pro-polygamy agenda? It’s very disconcerting.