Mnakwethu: Musa Mseleku and Linda Sibiya try to force a woman to accept polygamy

Mnakwethu is one of the most perplexing shows to ever exist. Season after season there is drama happening and yet it returns to our screens. The show is about married men who are cheating and need help to disclose to their wives and also get approval for them to be second wives.

It often tries to impose on these women and the reunion was no different

Tryphina was a stand out wife from the first episode of the season. She had gotten really upset upon the announcement and showed her rage. This earned her much favour from viewers who supported her crusade to deny polygamy. Perhaps this response is why she was being attacked today.

During the reunion, hosted by Linda Sibiya, he and Musa Mseleku tried their hardest to force the fiery Tryphina into accepting this proposition. Despite her claims that she would divorce him first the seemed to believe she was bluffing and viewers weren’t happy with their approach.




They took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the issue.

One user had this say about Linda, “Biased and unprofessional… Came to get His point across instead of asking relavant questions #Mnakwethu”

While another user wrote, “So Musa is dictating for this woman? She has made it clear that she’d rather divorce him than accept to be in a polygamous marriage. Isn’t her voice loud enough? #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “This whole thing of Musa and everyone else forcing MaShamase to accept this polygamy is bullsh#t. If she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want it #Mnakwethu”

I was so disgusted by the behaviour of the men hosting this Tell All tonight. They seemed to believe they could change Tryphina’s mind through coercion and I’m glad it didn’t work. She was firm and stood up for herself.