Mnakwethu: Mseleku under fire yet again for smiling as the woman cries

Musa Mseleku is a business man from KwaZulu Natal. His claim to fame was being a polygamist on his show with this wives and having a reality show. However, he became a villain to many people once he tried to recruit other men to do this via Mnakwethu.

This week his reaction had people perplexed.

MaMiya was the unfortunate recipient of the infamous visit. She looked so distraught as her husband of 8 years entered the door with Musa Mseleku. It was quite shocking to her system. She looked teary and immediately her entire energy shifted and she cried real tears.




Instead of acknowledging this and trying to make sure she was alright, Musa Mseleku was laughing and smiling. He still continued with the issue with no regard for the woman in front of him. I have to say it was disturbing. One would assume a man with four wives would have empathy. It was noticeably lacking.

Social Media Response

People weren’t happy about the way he was acting.

One concerned viewer observed, ‘I think Mseleku has unresolved issues or he hates women. A woman is in pain and he is smiling. Noo this show must end period #Mnakwethu”

While another user wrote, “Musa is so insensitive. I genuinely can’t believe how indifferent he is over the wives’ feelings. He gives these men so much authority to bring pain. As long as he delivered the message, it’s grand. #mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “How is Mseleku smiling when she’s crying😭 yaz amadoda guys #Mnakwethu”

I think the behaviour we observe from Musa Mseleku om the show is bizarre. Compassion shouldn’t be that hard to summon up for a woman clearly in distress. To smile or show any positive emotion as a reaction to that is very off putting.

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