Mnakwethu: MaShelembe is uninterested as Langa tries to get her back

This week on Mnakwethu we got to see MaShelembe’s husband Langa interact with his controversial second wife MaSithole while they spoke about their sick child and subsequently the social media backlash surrounding them
Langa tried to speak to MaShelembe about a family meeting but she couldn’t be less interested


MaSithole is still up to her sneaky ways
Langa doesn’t earn any sympathy from me. From the beginning I have always been anti-Langa and he earned it. He is the same person who left his wife destitute only to return having paid lobola to another woman on national television. His attempts to humanize himself have failed dismally to me.

His chat with his second wife went nowhere and within it, she tried to imply that it was outside forces making her child sick. This might or might not be true but she hadn’t even tried taking her sick child to the clinic at all. It seems she was trying to take a jab but it felt disingenuous.

Worst most awkward phone call
It wasn’t easy to listen to the one sided phonecall that Langa made during the show. The silence was punctuated with him talking and her just listening. She didn’t even try to pretend that she missed him nor did she sound impressed. He ventured as far as to ask her about their child and she claimed he hadn’t asked about him. It was not funny in the slightest. She is clearly a woman who has moved on.

Personal Thoughts

I feel like Langa knew the risks of introducing another woman. All the men on Mnakwethu do. But he overestimated just how much MaShelembe loves him. Maybe he thought she loved him enough to accept his disrespect or perhaps that her family would be siding with him. There’s a level of delusion involved for sure. I’ve never seen a happy polygamous home and they exist in my own family. There is never any peace. Peace is a commodity you trade when you choose the polygamous route.