Mnakwethu: “He is calling her ugly” Viewers react to Mseleku’s words about second wife

Mnakwethu is show on Mzansi Magic hosted by Musa Mseleku. He is a polygamist and the intention behind the show is to help men who are already cheating on their partners, to make their affairs official. The wives have to become first wives to a second woman.

This is often met with tons of push back.




This week his off comments about the potential second wife has people feeling a certain way about it. They felt as though he was being judgemental about her appearance and he didnt help his case by mentioning it twice. He tried to be subtle but stating that the second wife is implicitly wife material and not a slay queen.

People weren’t pleased with this and I wasnt either. Of course I don’t agree with a woman knowingly dating a committed man. But I further don’t agree with her being shamed for her looks. It wasnt fair at all.

Social Media Response

People weren’t pleased with what he had said.

One user wrote, “Musa Mseleku basically indirectly called potential 2nd wife ugly 🤣#Mnakwethu”

While another user wrote, “I dont like Mr Mseleku’s comments about this 2nd wife. He keeps insinuating that shes not good looking #Mnakwethu”

A final user wrote, “Uthi labasisi abafani (He said the ladies aren’t the same) Uthi (he said) when he looked at the seconnd girl he didn’t look for looks, shape or whether she’s a slay queen or not. He looked for a wife “material” and he found a wife”

His words were unmistakable and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the lady.