Mmatema Moremi and her family celebrate her sons’ third birthday with recent post.

Parents shouldn’t compromise when it comes to their children. The little cubs have to be given everything that we failed to get from our parents or even do it better than them. Most of the times when we things for them, it is mostly for us because they don’t understand anything especially when they are young.




Mmatema Moremi comes a long from her Idols days. She’s now a wife and mother of two. She’s married to Tshepo and the couple are blessed with a boy and daughter. Mmatema has established herself as a gospel singer and television presenter, she’s doing very good. One of best in the country.

She’s shared a beautiful picture of them together as a family. They are celebrating Ethan’s third birthday. The little might not fully understand what is going on but the love and memories will live on forever. This is beautiful and happy birthday to the little man.