Misuzulu should have told the maidens that all genders must be respected as GBV affects everyone

AmaZulu King, MisuZulu kaZwelithini has called on men to respect women, while addressing thousands of Zulu maidens at the Emachobeni Palace in Northern KwaZulu-Natal I think gender based violence is a cultural problem, you don’t end it by simply just telling men to stop abusing women, girls and the LGBT community you have to adjust and restructure the entire culture to revolve around prioritising respect for women, and the entire LGBT community by redefining masculinity for starters and also address cultural infused violence that seems to be deeply rooted amoungst Zulu people which not only effect women but men themselves,



all genders must respect each other periodWhy always women what about men they can speak as many times they want but if they don’t respect men too nothing will work out because they are also human beings, there are many factor that leads to gender based violence we can list them and have a never ending list with agreements and disagreement. But what I have noticed is just anger from social media platforms when will debate or have a discussion in the group smartly with facts and supporting our points in calm manner, rather than showing anger in comment sections we all know that gender based violence is an act that is committed to different genders when they are abused either emotionally or physically, to us that is an evil act and we plan on making change on society so walk with us on this journey and incase you were wondering what we stand for well we are. So for the whole King to take one side is wrong because he is a leader and must lead by example, a lot of men are in jail because of women who lie about them and then we get a king who protects women only, then who is going to protect men? To all maidens I say, please respect men and they will do the samehttps://www.sabcnews.com/sabcnews/amazulu-king-misuzulu-high-number-of-gbv-cases-in-kzn-are-saddening/