Miss Capricorn allegedly building a home for a needy family in Moletjie


Miss Capricorn Finalists on Sunday, 02 October 2022 have visited Moletjie where they have started a project in building a house for one of the family.


Philanthropist, Kwenisto Makgakga who shared pictures and said that they have partnerd with him says they have also helped in facilitating and getting more families to receive food parcels.

“Amazing work ladies. Thank You Zodwa Sharon Mdingi for partnering with us for this amazing job. You are doing an amazing job”, Kwenisto Makgakga appreciated their efforts.

Makgakga says they will keep on impacting lives.


This is really a good way to go. A lot of people after winning such events they only think about their bellies, the only think about expensive trips that they are going to take. They only think about the expensive cars that are they wanted to buy, they only think about living in hotels and lodges.

They always think about spending much money on buying unnecessary things to show off. They would rather have 1000 pairs of shoes while there’s someone in the community who doesn’t even have one. Not just a pair but don’t have even a cheaper one. I think this is a very good example, she is really a good person, God should bless her for doing this. Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes.

Thank you