Minnie Dlamini To Take Legal Action After This Was Said About Her On Socila Media

With all that has been said on social media, Minnie Dlamini has now decided to address this matter and people feel like there was no need for her to do that at all. Once people make up their minds about something, it will be hard to convince them otherwise.

According to Minnie Dlamini, all that has been said about her is a lie and there is no such thing and it is for this reason that she will take legal action against whoever came up with the rumor. In this case, we know that she might be referring to Musa Khawula because he was the first one to break the news on Twitter.





The focus for Minnie and Quinton Jones at the moment is to ensure that they remain friends so that they can make the process of co-parenting their child an easy one. We know that co-parenting is not an easy thing especially if the parents don’t get along. These baseless rumors do not only affect the couple but the child as well. We know that when the parents are fighting, the kids are the ones who suffer the most.

But with the letter that was written and published by Minnie Dlamini, people have noticed that the letter has not been signed and it is possible that her husband Quinton Jones has not been part of it. After all the allegations are made about her and not the husband.