Minnie Dlamini spotted with a rapper in matching jackets

An Entertainment page on tik-tok shared a video of Minnie Dlamini and rapper Yanga chief at a club. The two were wearing matching jackets and they posed for a video. According to the tik-tok page Yanga and Minnie are going out together almost every weekend.




People commented on the video and said that Minnie Dlamini is not even trying to hide it at this point because they are in matching outfits almost every weekend. Others said that Minnie Dlamini is single and she should be able to enjoy her life. People said that Minnie is living her life and looks happy. Some were just not happy that it’s yanga chief.

However there was a user who said that Yanga chief and Minnie Dlamini are friends, so maybe there isn’t anything more to this. To watch the video click on the link below and let me know your thoughts on the comments section.