Minnie Dlamini Roasted that ”She looks like she’s going out for tea with the queen of England”

It seems the walls of mzansi are up and running and this time they decided to share their bad comments upon minnie dlamini, she is really a pretty lady but that doesn’t stop mzansi to speak their mind. Since on the 02 of july is Durban July all the Celebrities are out and they have put on their best outfits, they look stunning and their happy but mzansi decide to focus more on Minnie.


There is a picture of her trending on twitter social media platform where she wore a short elegant, respectful dress with a big hat. Fans felt that her outfit was not giving good vibes. It seems they were expecting more from a lady who just recently went through a divorce. They believe that she looks like a lady who is going to have tea with the queen of England.

Here is the outfit and how she was looking at the event, this is one of the trending pictures on twitter social media platform.

After the picture was shared on twitter here are the comments screenshots from twitter as people shared their view’s and continued to pour bad comments upon her looks.