Minnie Dlamini life after Divorce, Number 2 will leave you speechless

On the 15 of February 2022, Media personality and TV presenter Minnie Dlamini announced on her Instagram page that she is getting divorced after five years of marriage with Quinton Jones. Mini revealed that they tried all they could do to fix their marriage but failed and end up concluding it is of utmost best to go their separate ways. Minnie and ex husband has only one child together who is 1 year old. Minnie revealed that despite The separation by remain friends, business partners and the parents of their Son.









Despite her divorce journey, TV presenter Minnie did not stop to live her life to the fullest and she is not worried about what people are gonna say about her new life after divorce. It is not yet a month after she announced the divorce but she is currently traveling the world and enjoying her life the fullest.

Few days ago, Minnie Dlamini show off a snaps of herself having a good time in Paris, France. She has also been a saving the country with beautiful snaps of herself looking extremely beautiful. Many people we’ve and sat down feeling sorry for themselves after announcing their divorce.

However that’s not the case when it comes to Minnie. She is slaying like never before. She is even getting more beautiful and the styling like never before. She is proving to the world as an example that divorce shouldn’t stop people from leaving their life to the fullest.

What are your thoughts on the life of Minnie after a divorce? Do you think she moved on and enjoying your life so soon after announcing her divorce? Drop your comments below and let me know what you guys think. Do not forget to follow us for more updates.