Minnie Dlamini changes her look after all the bad comments they made about her look

Short definitely suits her

Minnie Dlamini shared a new photo of herself with her short hair. She cut her hair and dyed it blonde. Minnie is a beautiful woman and I don’t think it is necessary for her to change her look, because of what people say about her.


People and mostly her fans love the new look. Minnie has always been beautiful whether she stays with her natural hair or not. She came to the entertainment industry with her natural hair and people loved her just the way she is.

After her divorce she is probably trying to find herself again. She is starting over by cutting her hair. South Africa has beautiful women who are talented, hopefully Minnie will find a way to stand on her feet and again and be proud of the way she looks. Blonde colour hair is the best for her so far.

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