Minnie Dlamini breaks the silence, after cheating allegations.

Minnie Dlamini has been dragged for weeks now and according to Sunday world after Twitterati Musa Khawula Musa spread rumours about Minnie cheating with Edwin she trended most of the week.





Just after the media found out about her separation to her estranged husband Quinton and it is believed that it was because of her cheating with Edwin Sodi. But however Edwin has denied this claim saying “Stop spreading lies about me, I’ve never dated Minnie” said the controversial business man Edwin Sodi.

Edwin Sodi is a South African multi millionaire and he too was not happy about those rumours and he took to Twitter to express how he only met Minnie once.

But Minnie broke her silence about this matter and released a statement from both her and Quinton regarding this matter threatening to take legal action against who ever started these cheating rumours. The couple went their separate ways in February and cited that they would co- parent.