Minnie Dlamini baby is growing up in a good way, See how he looks

Her husband of five years, Minnie Dlamini, made the announcement of their divorce on social media. After a lengthy period of secrecy, Minnie’s relationship with Quinton Jones was finally exposed. They have stayed in touch for several years due to their strong friendship. Minnie and her husband wed in a beautiful white wedding with a traditional ceremony in 2017.

In November 2020, she finally gave birth to a healthy child, months after many people had wondered why she hadn’t given birth or expanded her family with Quinton after being married for so long. When she failed to have children at the expected times, many were concerned about her health. In the upcoming September of 2020, Minnie broke the news to her loved ones for the first time that she was expecting.



The birth of her son, Minnie Dlamini, was announced for November of 2020, just a few short months after she gave birth to her daughter.

While Minnie and Quinton Dlamini aren’t together, they’re doing a wonderful job raising their son. In fact, they’re spoiling him so much that he doesn’t want them to stop. His common name at home. The child was named Minnie after the sibling who died recently. Since Minnie and her husband’s newborn son was a baby, they had taken him on frequent trips to Durban’s beaches.

All divorcing parents should take a page out of Minnie dlamini and her ex-book husband’s and work to maintain a positive connection with their children. Despite their disputes, the two are always there for the kid.

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