Minnie Dlamini and Unathi are now friendship goals

They look fabulous

Minnie Dlamini and Unathi Nkayi are the famous woman who can do it all, from hosting shows, radio presenting and acting. A young girl who looks up to them will never go wrong.

Their friendship started before Minnie Dlamini announced her divorce from Quinton Jones.



Minnie Dlamini shared her recent pictures of her with Unathi while in Cape Town. They are wearing a beautiful make up on their face.

They are both working hard women. They are both divorced and always inspiring each other to work hard for their kids. Unathi has been in the industry for many decades, she knows how to keep on securing the best. They love having fun together which is something amazing to see.

Minnie deserves to have a friend like Unathi because she is matured and gives the best advices. Minnie is definitely in safe hands, I hope they enjoy.

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