Minnie Dlamini allegedly lied about owning a club, see why?

It has been reported that popular South African actress and television host Minnie Dlamini allegedly does not own the recently opened premium lifestyle lounge called The Mansion Lounge & Rooftop Bar, which she said she owned.

According to reports from Musa Khawula on Twitter, the lounge is apparently owned by a group of Afrikaans businessmen who also own another club in Centurion called Thirsty Fox.

“Minnie Dlamini doesn’t own The Mansion. The Mansion is said to be owned by a group of Afrikaaners who also own Thirsty Fox; Centurion. Minnie Dlamini is used as a front”, Musa tweeted.

We have heard news like this in the past year alone, celebrities have come out to say that they own certain establishments or brands, only to find out that they are not the actual owners, but are only the faces of the place. Why lie and say that you own something if you don’t?

Well, when Musa’s tweet started making rounds on Twitter, some people were disappointed that Minnie does not own the lounge, and some were not surprised at all.





@The_madamme said, “Not surprised, many celebrities are just fronts and not direct owners of brands”.

@ThaMonarch said, “Wait…are we harshly judging Celebs who portray the idea they own something… Ya know we need to make peace with the idea “It’s okay if you had some help…” cause these guys are really lying for clout at the cost of their credibility…”.

Someone said, “We love it for her. Get the bag wena girl, as long you get paid for being that front, it’s cool. If being a front pays bills, why not?”.

@MazSips also said, “The issue is most black people want the tag of ownership which isn’t nearly as important as actually making the money. The questions we should be asking are: does she eat from this partnership & how well? If the answers are yes & very well then I don’t see the issue here”.

The bottom line is that even if these celebrities do not own the brands, they are still making money out of it, but it’s bad that they feel like they have to lie about owning places a day brands they do not own.

In my opinion, I would like to believe that your fans or followers would still be willing to support a brand that you are an ambassador for, even if you are not the owner. It has been done many times before.

Do you think that Minnie was right to announce The Mansion lounge as hers? Leave a comment and let us know.

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