Mhlongo: I invited Nomzamo and crew to visit grave

An Individual from the Mhlongo family has turned out with regards to the Shaka iLembe team.

Mbhengi Mhlongo told Day to day Sun he welcomed entertainer Nomzamo Mbatha and the whole group to visit Sovereign Nandi’s grave.

The confirmation came after his cousin, Mhlathuze, Induna Ngelemu Mdlalose and Boss Mshazi Nzuza blamed Nomzamo and the Shaka iLembe group of attacking Sovereign Nandi’s grave without consent.

“I’m responsible for Sovereign Nandi’s grave. Nomzamo and the Shaka iLembe team never counseled me and we are profoundly insulted by their direct,” expressed Mhlathuze at that point.

In any case, Mbhengi has chosen to take responsibility for the visit.

“I’m responding to the news that Nomzamo Mbatha and Shaka iLembe team welcomed themselves to Sovereign Nandi’s grave.

“This isn’t correct. I’m the person who welcomed the Shaka iLembe team.”


“They didn’t welcome themselves as claimed. I maintained that them should be there with us,” he said.

He said they were having a remembrance of Sovereign Nandi and chose to welcome the television team.

Everyday Sun has seen a greeting letter and it peruses as follows: “Sir/Lady. I, for the benefit of Elangeni Regal Princesses and Nkosazane Nandi WaseLangeni Establishment, thus warmly welcome you to the noteworthy remembrance of our Imperial Princess Nandi kaMbhengi kaMhlongo, mother of Lord Shaka kaSenzangakhona. The occasion is booked as follows: Date: 9 October 2022. Place: Vuma People group Corridor. Time: 10am-13.30pm.Public will be moved by transport from the lobby to the grave of Princess Nandi at Matheku and afterward took back to the hall.We will profoundly see the value in your presence.”

Nomzamo and the team went to the grave as a feature of the celebration.

“I’m insulted on the grounds that Sovereign Nandi has a place with the Mhlongos and not to an individual or neighborhood indunas. I can go to Sovereign Nandi’s grave whenever I need to and I needn’t bother with consent to visit her grave. . Mhlathuze is my more seasoned sibling yet he can’t direct to usHe couldn’t actually be accountable for the grave,” said Mhlongo.

However, Mhlathuze hit back and said: “Mbhengi can’t guarantee the grave since his dad obliterated it. I then, at that point, willingly volunteered to fix it.If he keeps on going there I’ll have no choice except for to secure it.”