Metro FM Fires MoG But Listeners Are Not Pleased With The Move, See Their Reactions

The writing was on the wall for Mpho Madise known to many as Mo G, that his time at Metro was basically over. The dj who hasn’t been on air for sometime, was officially fired by the station.

On Saturday, it was announced that Mo G has been fired at the station via a statement that was released by the public broadcaster South African Broadcasting Coperation(SABC), according to the statement he was fired because of a “breach of contract”.



Earlier this month, Mo G was recorded on video being manhandled by James Brown, who allegedly borrowed the dj his car but he refused to return it and that’s why he decided to confront him on camera.

It’s believed that incident was the reason that Mo G was fired, since that video leaked online he wasn’t heard on air until today where the announcement was officially made.

Mo G joined Metro fm in 2017 from Kaya fm and initially hosted 2 shows, he hosted the Saturday breakfast show called ‘the Week-ender’, before he was later given the Sunday evening show called the ‘The Sunday Night Love’.

Earlier this year, he lost both those shows as the was a reshuffle at the station. He was given the Monday to Thursday night show called ‘Let’s talk with Mo G’. Following the announcement of his firing, his listener’s took to twitter to voice their displeasure and disappointment on his firing.

A user by the name of Shlelo said that “it was unfair and that what happened to him then was a private matter. While another user said that she feels sorry for the dj and another said that she hopes he will find another radio gig soon.