Messages of Strength pour in for SA legend, Lillian Dube

For many South Africans, Mam Lillian Dube is an icon and a powerhouse in the South African Entertainment industry. Over the past decade she has amassed quite a huge following, from a role in Mapantsula to her role in Gogo Helen’x; her talent has made her acquire the legend status as she is able to breathe life into every part she has played and do it justice.

Recently Mam Lillian Dube has left millions of South Africans heartbroken and lost for words, as she opened up on her some of the dark times In her childhood; that helped shape the women that she is today.



“Many people look at us(celebrities) when we are the finished product, and think that we had an easy life. We had to fight to get here, we experienced a lot of hardships to get here today. For example I used to be a prostitute so that I could put food on the table, that is why I always advocate for them because they are also human like the rest of us; and it is situations that lead us to opt for that kind of survival” said the South African born legend.

A lot of South Africans were left saddened, and several of them took a small time out of their busy schedule to send their heartfelt messages to the icon. Mam Lillian Dube’s story is that of resilience in life. Not only has she fought her way out of the life of poverty proving that our circumstances don’t define us, but she has also fought numerous battles against breast cancer; proving that cancer is not a death sentence- you can be diagnosed and still live.

May she live on and continue to be a beacon of hope for generations to come.