Messages of strength pour in for SA legend Lillian Dube

For the overwhelming majority South Africans, Mam Lillian Dube is a symbol and a force to be reckoned with in the South African Media outlet. Over the course of the last ten years she has amassed a seriously enormous following, from a job in Mapantsula to her job in Gogo Helen’x; her ability has caused her to get the legend status as she can reinvigorate each part she has played and do it equity.

As of late Mam Lillian Dube has left huge number of South Africans crushed and lost for words, as she opened up on her a portion of the dull times In her experience growing up; that aided shape the ladies that she is today.



“Many individuals take a gander at us(celebrities) when we are the completed item, and think that we had a simple life. We needed to battle to arrive, we encountered a ton of difficulties to arrive today. For instance I used to be a whore so I could put food on the table, for that reason I generally advocate for them since they are likewise human like most of us; and circumstances lead us to pick that sort of endurance” said the South African conceived legend.

A great deal of South Africans were left disheartened, and a few of them removed a humble from their bustling timetable to send their genuine messages to the symbol. Mam Lillian Dube’s story is that of versatility throughout everyday life. Not just has she battled right out of the existence of neediness demonstrating that our conditions don’t characterize us, however she has likewise taken on various conflicts against bosom malignant growth; demonstrating that disease isn’t a capital punishment you can be analyzed yet live.

May she live on and keep on being an encouraging sign for a long time into the future.