Melusi Got Himself In Trouble In #Gomora. This is What Phumlani Will do

How does Melusi keep walking in an out of a gated residential area without the owners knowing. Melusi just can’t stay away if Thathi even when Phumlani sends a message. The love that Melusi has for Thathi is too string that he has to sacrifice just to be with her. Thathi is now married to Phumlani and now she must leave him because Melusi has also left his wife.

Thathi is trying her best to resist Melusi but he is just so annoying and pathetic. He keeps on following her around and messing things for her. He is the problem. Thathi is committed to Phumlani and Gugu. She has a soft spot for Melusi. Whatever Phumlani decides to do to Thathi and Melusi whenever he finds out about the shenanigans that happened tonight, I support him with full chest.




Melusi and Thathi just signed their death certificates. Because when Phumlani finds out one will die between the two of them. Not Melusi kissing Thati right in front of Gugu. Gugu looks like she’s seen a ghost. If it were Buhle, Melusi and Thathi would not hear the last of what they’ve just done.

Phumlani shows the characteristics of a man with a personality disorder. He claims to love Thathi but he’s actually show the opposite. One beating from Phumlani and abo Sdumo are no longer snitches, kodwa he snitched on Mam’Sonto during the trial. Ayi futhi nina! Mzansi Is tired of Melusi always going back to Thati and also tired of Phumlani getting away with everything.

Tweeps has been asking lots of questions why Phumlani is too soft for Mazet. And to think Phumlani has a soft spot for Mazet, while he’s the one who called the cops on her and Mam’Sonto. Mazet is sooo inlove with Phumlani. When Phumlani says “I’ll think about it” he means they will drag this story line for another week.