Melita Was Shot Because She Was Dating John Maputla See Who Did This To Her

Melita won’t die is a strong Lady and I think she got shot because she was dating Meikie she the one who shot Melita because she was in jail after she out Melita got shot.


Melita’s shooting is quite possibly the most startling thing to occur. Melita is one irksome individual, and since the start of the delicate fiasco, she has become much more hazardous. The rundown of her adversaries has developed since she crossed the Meikie and John Maputla.

Melita is one of those irksome characters. Furthermore, it will not be astounding assuming that she has numerous foes. Her shooting is one of the most surprising and unforeseen things to occur. Since the delicate started, she has become significantly more tricky. The rundown of her adversaries has developed since she crossed Meikie and John Maputla. On the last episode she was lying in her pool of red in the chest.

There are many suspects on her homicide. Meikie more likely than not recruited somebody to kill Melita. Since She had an unsanctioned romance with her better half. It would appear to be legit in light of the fact that Meikie is simply let out of jail then couple of days after the fact Melita has chance. She is additionally among the troublemakers of the local area fights Meikie Maputla.

John Maputla can likewise be a suspect he really does never again need Meikie and he would do anything with the goal that they arest her once more. Everybody can see that he is troubled having her once more.

Octavia and Johnathan might have killed Melita on the grounds that they need to cut Meikie down. They intended to kill MaNtuli so Meikie can use whatever might remain of her life in prison. So they could have killed Melita so they can approach Meikie.

It is hazy and obscure on who shot her. Everybody is attempting to comprehend and respond to the inquiry to who shot her and Why?. I surmise we will simply need to keep a watch out on the forthcoming episodes.

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