Melita tells her ex lover John Maputla to help her since he is her last hope

John will be in trouble with his wife if he helps Melita with anything. One thing about Melita is that she has pride and she will definitely tell Meikie what John has done for her. Melita is currently still living inside her burnt house, because she doesn’t have other places to go.


John was one of the people who saved Melita from the fire. He still have feelings for her, but knowing how dangerous his wife is, he will never cross that line. There are shelters for people like Melita but since she is an adult, they might not be able to help her.

Melita is always looking for trouble, what will she do with John this time? John Maputla will not help her but he will think about it at the end of the day. He needs to talk to Meikie about it first on whether they should help her or not.