“Melita” Rest In Peace. CHECK OUT WHO KILLED Melita In #SkeemSaam


Melita has been shot, and we can’t help but think Meikie Maputla is the perpetrator. Someone is attempting to frame Meikie for a crime she didn’t commit. Fans are already speculating as to who might have fired the shot.




Many Twitter users believe it was Meikie, who had recently been released from prison, who pulled the trigger, while others believe it was Leeto. Melita, though, is one individual who #SkeemSaam followers know for sure. Melita was probably shot by the same guy who was pals with Meikie’s ex-convict Olivia. Meikie is now the prime suspect in the murder, despite the fact that she did not commit the crime. Meikie, at the very least, hasn’t left her house and has the same John as an alibi.

Melita was being pursued by someone who wanted to shoot her, and that person was the one who did so. When Melita’s death is announced, some people may associate it with Meiki’s death. Meikie, on the other hand, does have an alibi. Melita is framed by Octavia’s man buddy. This has been in the works since they were imprisoned. This is being carried out by Octavia’s pistol in order to return Meikie to prison.

Melita was most likely targeted by Miekie’s cellmate. They won’t be able to frame her because she was with John when Melita was shot, and her gun license has been canceled, so she doesn’t have one. However, the problem is that it was planned incorrectly because Meikie was present in the house with a full house.