Melita from Skeem Saam a first class flight Show photo

Hellen Chiloane Motsuki is one of the most multitalented South African media sensations. She is a producer, director, writer, MC and a motivational speaker but she is famously known and recognised as an actress. Hailing from Lephalale in Limpopo where she was born and bred, this amazing superstar knew from the age of 7 years that her calling is in the arts department. After




completing her Grade 12 in Phegelelo High School, she came to Gauteng to further her studies and accumulated her degree in media studies.Famously known for playing the role of the mischievous Melita on Skeem Saam, she has gained so much popularity as people are fascinated by this character. On screen, she is a woman who lacks so much independence but always relies on men to fund her lavish lifestyle which she cannot afford herself. She is obsessed about fancy perfumes, visiting expensive hotels, wearing designer clothes and being driven by fancy cars. Melita could do anything and everything to keep up to the standard of this lifestyle including ending someone’s marriage. In real life, she is still a woman of that lifestyle but the narrative is total different now, she affords and maintains herself without any help of a man. As known for being a

hardworking media personality, she earns a lot of money which affords her everything she desires to have. On her Instagram, she always flaunts her fancy cars, vacations and her lifestyle as a whole. Hellen Motsuki has recently flaunted pictures of herself in a first class flight wearing expensive clothing items. She still has not yet revealed were she is heading to but only shares snippets of herself on the flight. Below are the pictures she shared.She shared pictures of the food she was eating on the airplane and below are some snippets she shared.