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Zenande Mfenyana is a South African actress and model. After a stint at Queenstown Girls’ High School, she attended the University of Pretoria, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in drama.

The drama as well as her inborn aptitude would serve her well in later years, as she snagged spots in memorable flicks like “All About Love” (2017) and “Liefling” (2010). Today, she is seen as one of the established faces on the music scene in South Africa.


The actress was born in October 1985, which means she is currently 37 years and will be 38 in a couple of months.

Zenanda’s husband is alleged to be a bloke known as Thabiso Thiti, who is said to be a member of the ruling African National Congress and has served long years in the government. He had previously worked at the National Intelligence Agency of South Africa.



Zenande Mfenyana’s parents are Athol Fugard (father), a celebrated South African novelist and playwright, and Sheila Meiring Fugard (mother), a short story writer.

They were married in 1956 and remained married until 2015 when they went their separate ways and Athol picked a new partner.


Zenande is not an only child. She is known to have a sister named Akhe Mfenyana, who also happens to be an actress.

She has acted in several flicks, most notably as the widow of the character Lucky in The Queen. The two sisters are said to have a close relationship

Net Worth

How much exactly is Zenande Mfenyana worth? The curiosity of her fans has been on fire for as long ba one can remember. But she has not been helpful in this regard as she would rather not speak about it but focus on her career instead.

Anyway, the public has been throwing figures around all over the place. She is said to have a net worth of around R2 Million.

House & Cars

Actress Zenande Mfenyana has a home, all right. But the details are just not out there. It is unclear exactly where she lives but her thoughts about property are wise in themselves and public knowledge.

She is a strong believer in investing in property and as far back as 2017 had encouraged her followers to be wise and invest in property. The returns from that investment are pretty massive in the long