Meet Twins Sobekwa in real life .

Their 21-year-old twin sisters Anelisa and Asanele Sobekwa, both of whom are beauty and hairstylists, use social media to share ideas for makeup and hairstyles, as well as aspects of their personal lives, with their fans. The fact that they can make fun of each other, as well as the fact that they have identical features and voices, make them stand out when they speak at the same time.



At the moment, they’re based in Cape Town, and they’ve won over a large number of Instagram followers, having amassed more than 281k followers as of today. They’re well-known for having excellent physiques, a natural appearance, and having impeccable style! While their YouTube page is presently under construction, you can expect to find nutritious cuisine, healthy lifestyle suggestions, and exclusive, excellent material there.

They’re identical twins who happen to be closest friends. Besides running a thriving fashion business, Anelisa and Asanele Sobekwa, often known as the Sobekwa twins, have turned their outgoing personality and love of fashion into a thriving social media presence, creating content that is closely scrutinized by their loyal following.

It is no secret that the two of them are well acquainted. Others will find it difficult to obtain the capacity to enter their bond. Before embarking on their adventure to discover their own individuality, the twins express their displeasure with their upbringing practically in unison. Their voices are practically in unison as they remark, “It is something that we must re-learn since we can’t afford to be so reliant on one another.”